Memory Card Recovery: Recover Corrupted Files from Sandisk

Losing files from sandisk is a serious issue and no one want to lose them. Sandisk memory card get corrupted due to various issue and as a result loses various files. Hence  it becomes difficult for user to access those files. Sandisk storage media offers user to store large bulk of files such as videos, songs, images, photos etc. It comes in various sizes that is from 2 GB to 16GB. But though being a reliable storage device it get prone to corruption and result in data loss. There can be various reason responsible for corruption of sandisk memory card. Some includes

  • Severe virus or Trojan attack
  • Mishandling of the SD card
  • Hardware failure
  • Sudden shut down of the system
  • Pulling out of the sandisk card from any device etc.

All the above mentioned reason are responsible for damage of files stored in sandisk. Hence it is very essential for user to store backup as it help while retrieving data from the memory card at the time of corruption. But in case there is no backup,then it become a serious problem for the user. Its not true that files which get deleted from the sandisk get permanently lost. User only fails to access them. There is a still chance of Memory card recovery until the space get replaced by another files.

The next step is to avoid the files from permanently getting lost. Hence user should immediately stop using the SD Card and immediately remove it from the device. Then stop saving any new files on it otherwise there is a possibility of old files getting replaced by a new one. Then immediately look for a reliable recovery tool for easy retrieval of your files from it.

Memory Card Recovery Software

Whenever user lost files from any storage device it is very essential for them is to store a regular backup. But in case there is no backup, it better to search for effective free memory card recovery tool. Memory card recovery the best solution suggested for easy retrieval of corrupted card from the Sandisk card. It has advanced capability to scan the entire drive and search for the lost files from the card. Once scanning process get overs, it displays user a complete preview of the lost files. It then safely restores the files in a new location as per user choice. It also uses simple user interface so that user do not face any difficulty while retrieving their lost files. Moreover along with lost files it also allow user to recover formatted files tool.

Steps to Recover Corrupted Files from Sandisk Memory Card

Step 1: Download and install memory card recovery software and then connect the sandisk memory card to your PC. Then click on the start scan option to retrieve your deleted pictures from it.

Step 2: All the list of storage media get listed. Now select the drive which contain the deleted pictures. You can also select advance scanning method to perform recovery process as per file formats.


Step 3: A list of all recoverable file types displays. Select the desired file types and ten select the scanning process in order to recover your lost pictures.

Step 4: It also display preview of the recovered files so that you can easily view the recoverable files before recovery process starts up.

Step 5: When scanning process starts up, all the recovered files displays so that you can easily have preview.

Step 6: Select the location to save your file in your desire location.



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